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Where can I teach English with TEFL and TESOL?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Becoming an English language teacher is an endlessly rewarding career choice. You can start teaching straight away by hosting virtual English lessons online. However, the job can take you all around the world!

With a TEFL or TESOL qualification, you can get hired by a school in a foreign country to teach English to its students. Here are just a few destinations where you can be an English language teacher.


China wants its population to be able to speak English so, naturally, there is a demand for English teachers. The vast country is an exciting place to work in, with a wealth of things to do and see. It is an ever-evolving country of excellent cuisine, culture and history.

To teach English, you will usually need a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL qualification. Salaries can be quite large, with the highest being offered at private institutions.


A photo of the Barcelona skyline during a sunny day taken from Gaudí's Park Güell.

It is no surprise Spain is a desired destination to teach English in. Great weather, amazing food and a daily siesta all make up life here.

Spain has a growing demand for English teachers and its schools seek those with TEFL, TESOL or CELTA qualifications. In major cities and tourist areas, English is widely spoken but if you feel confident enough, you can teach English in a more rural setting to fully embrace the Spanish way of life and connect with its people.

South Korea

A photo of a busy street in Seoul at night during the winter.

South career is an epicentre of fascinating culture and revolutionary technology. Here, most schools will require you to hold a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL or TESOL qualification. You can teach in a state-funded school or a hagwon (a private school), and, if you’re lucky, you may get your accommodation and flight fees covered.

Popular destinations include Seoul, Busan and Bucheon but if you choose a more rural teaching post, you will be able to become fully immersed in Korean culture.

Czech Republic

A young woman in a yellow dress stands facing away from the camera in a square in Prague. She is holding a Czech flag.

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most popular destinations to teach English in. Prague is the go-to city for teaching English here, but the best positions can be competitive and some schools might require you to have a degree in English. Finding your place in smaller locations, however, will allow you to live like a local.

The country is home to amazing architecture and rich history and is no stranger to tourists, and both experienced and newly-qualified teachers can make their mark here.

United Arab Emirates

Five camels are being led across a desert with riders on top. In the background of their silhouettes is the Dubai skyline with the sun setting.

Dubai has a large number of international schools, meaning if you are an English speaker and an experienced teacher, your options are not limited to just teaching English. In fact, you may be able to secure a position as a teacher in your subject area.

Teaching in the UAE can see you enjoy high low-tax salaries with lots of benefits, alongside warm weather all year round!


Venture to the Americas and teach in Mexico! Around 12% of Mexico residents speak English but fluency is not evenly distributed. English is most widely spoken in tourist regions such as Cancún meaning these places are perhaps your best bet at securing an English teaching post.

A TEFL qualification is internationally-recognised so will help you get a job in Mexico, where the cost of living is cheaper than 79% of the world’s countries!

Gain a Level 5 Certificate in TEFL or a Level 6 Diploma in TESOL and start your global English teaching career in these countries and many more!

Unsure which is right for you? Read our blog post on whether to choose TEFL or TESOL.



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