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Education Verification Service

When you complete a programme at Notting Hill College, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Attendance. 


Employers may require your certificates to be authenticated. This is why we offer an Education Verification Service, providing you with the ability to authenticate your certificates for life. 


Through the Education Verification Service, you will receive a verification letter issued by the Notting Hill College registrar that proves the legitimacy of your achievements and lists your credentials.

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Online Education Verification Service

Access your authenticated documents online by following the relevant link below. 


You will be taken to our online Education Verification Service portal which can be used 24/7. You will obtain a link to your verification letter which can be sent to your employers. Alternatively, you can print the letter.

Email Education Verification Service

Upon your request, we will email your credentials and verification letter directly to your employer.


Contact to use our Education Verification Service in this way.

Further Education Verification Service

Some employers may desire further proof of the legitimacy of your documents. For this reason, we are happy to contact your employer to discuss your Notting Hill College qualification and credentials.


Contact to use our Education Verification Service in this way.

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