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Independent Study Modes

This study mode is for the self-guided, busy individual who wants full control of their learning. Completing a career-boosting course might be a goal of yours, but it can seem out of reach if you do not have the free time for scheduled lessons or cannot commit many hours a week to learning. 


With Distance Learning, students learn at their own pace. You will be signed up to the Learning Management System upon your enrolment and will be provided with all the course materials you need with access to an expert tutor should you have any questions or require support. Learning will be in the form of independent self-study, meaning you can revise content and complete your assignments at any time.

Distance Learning

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The Hybrid Learning option is a personalised, flexible tuition plan with live lessons. Students will attend one-to-one support sessions with an expert tutor who will guide them through their subjects. 


Enjoy learning at times to suit you. When you enrol, we will ask you your availability so we can arrange lesson times that fit into your schedule.


All lessons are recorded and are available to be rewatched at any time, so you can revise anything you have previously studied. You will also have access to online learning platforms on which you can access your course materials and submit assignments.

Hybrid Learning

Not sure if independent study is for you? Check out our Virtual Campus.

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