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Virtual Campus Schedule

Why join our Virtual Campus?

Flexibility. It is an incredibly meaningful and rich experience for busy learners who are seeking to enhance their professional skills to keep up with the variables and needs of the new virtual age. You are able to access our different educational platforms from anywhere in the world, at any time. Enjoy an engaging learning environment that helps you easily achieve your British qualification, through live or recorded sessions depending on your personal preference.

Geographical boundaries and financial obstacles are obliterated, as you are not required to travel to achieve a British education. Save your hard-earned money and enjoy great networking opportunities with experienced instructors and peers from different countries that broaden your knowledge on culture and learning.

We make use of the latest state-of-the-art technological techniques to replicate the physical classroom and all of its' advantages. We implement various teaching methods to accommodate different types of learners, including assistance from our bilingual team, who can assist you in both English and Arabic languages. You’ll also improve your digital skills which are highly required in the modern.


All you need is a digital device and a good internet connection to embrace the new learning reality!


Class Schedule

September 2020
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Notting Hill College is a accredited British institution which specialises in further education as well as vocational training. The College was established in 2004 and ever since that date, it has been constantly expanding in various tracks; curriculum and programme design, academic partnership and network construction. This diligent work has made us a leading provider presenting diversified learning services.

- Our quality-driven approach has given us a global outlook and has placed NHC at the forefront of vocational training market

- We are accredited by the BAC and offer accredited programs in the fields of teacher training, business and English language training

- We are approved centres for ATHE and TQUK; both awarding bodies are recognised by Ofqual

- We are flexible in our approach to study plans and payment plans

- Our teachers are experts in their subject area

- We are dynamic, adapting to the virtual learning environment with ease

- We have strong connections with our partners and are able to provide students with a wide range of options 

- Our stylish online delivery system makes students feel as if they're on campus