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Our Programmes

Notting Hill College is committed to providing excellence in education. Explore each of our programmes below.

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Trainers’ programmes

Professional trainers in any field can progress their career with a Training of Trainers qualification. Improve your ability to convey information effectively, teach different learners and manage your classroom – whether in person or online.


Teachers’ programmes

Keep up to date with the latest theories and practises within the ever-evolving teaching field and become equipped to make the most of virtual and physical classrooms. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced teacher or you are an educational leader, our variety of teacher training courses will help you to advance your career, to inspire students both young and mature and to teach effectively. 

Language-focused programmes


Familiarise yourself with all parts of the English language. Our various language training programmes will improve your reading and writing in a way that suits your needs.

TEFL and TESOL programmes

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Use your teaching skills to travel the world and absorb different cultures by taking a course that will enable you to work in the English language teaching sector. Become confident in your own English language awareness and adopt key skills needed for teaching in the foreign learners classroom.

Get ahead in your career. Our business programmes will help you progress in your job and teach you the skills you'll need. 

psychology programmes

Empower your teaching with our specialised psychology programmes. Our comprehensive courses are tailored for educators seeking to deepen their understanding of students. Gain the knowledge and strategies to support diverse learners, creating inclusive and nurturing classroom environments

Notting Hill College has partner schools each offering a range of programmes.


Eton University is an international institution providing online undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the fields of business, IT and education.

Think English is Notting Hill College’s language school. Here, you can learn English and prepare for IELTS and SELT exams in personalised lessons led by expert native tutors.

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