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Why You Should Study in Turkey With Us

Have you considered studying abroad in Turkey? Notting Hill College has a campus in Istanbul which has a lot to offer to prospective students. Read on to find out why you should consider studying with us in Turkey.

Enjoy Classroom Lessons

We know that online learning and independent study isn’t for everyone, so our classroom based lessons at our Turkey campus are perfect for people who prefer a more traditional environment.

Meet like-minded learners from around the world

Attending a study trip or course in Turkey will allow you to meet students from other countries that share the same passions and interests as you that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet before.

Explore a fascinating historic city

With our campus being in Istanbul you’ll never run out of activities to do and places to visit. The historic city is rich with culture that you can explore. And our intensive study trips come with 2 day trips included!

Supportive and friendly staff

At Notting Hill College we have a collection of wonderful staff that are always willing to help. You will be taught by expert tutors that ensure a high quality education and push you to succeed resulting in you performing your best.

Unique and enriching learning experience

Not many people get the chance to study abroad but those that do often say it is an incredible experience. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global skills, and it opens you to different cultures and allows you to have exciting adventures in a new place.

Flexible payment plans

We want to help you succeed and advance in your career and we know affordability is on a lot of people’s minds. This is why we have flexible payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of your tuition across the duration of your studies. In addition, we often offer special discounts and scholarships, allowing you to have even more peace of mind.

Accredited British Diploma

Upon completion of your course you will receive a British accredited diploma. This diploma will be recognised internationally and shows you’ve received a high quality education, which in turn can boost your career prospects.

If you're looking for quality education and a great cultural experience, then look no further than Notting Hill College. We have two upcoming study trips at our Istanbul campus.

Diploma in Training of Trainers in Educational Technology & Coaching from 2nd February to 10th February 2023.

Diploma in Training of Trainers from 16th February to 21st February 2023.



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