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Level 5 Certificate in


Teach English to the world

Regulated qualifications ID: 601/5234/5


The Ofqual Level 5 Certificate in TEFL is designed to help new and experienced teachers develop the skills and theory they need to work as teachers of English as a second language anywhere in the world. This course will help you with lesson planning, running and managing the classroom, as well as how to teach English. It is backed by TQUK, which means it is a certificate that is recognised globally. This certificate is often used by teachers looking to travel the world and teach English at the same time.


Learning outcomes: 


  • Understand the rules of English language and how to convey these in a foreign language classroom.

  • Understand the nature of foreign language skills and how to develop them.

  • Understand and apply basic standard teaching procedures appropriately.

  • Select, design, and review their own teaching materials and lesson plans appropriate to specific teaching situations.

  • Demonstrate their ability to work independently.

  • Improve their own employability through developing their awareness of the relationship between learner needs and the practical application of teaching methodology in the language classroom.

Who is this course for?

The Ofqual Level 5 Certificate in TEFL is designed for new and experienced teachers who want to develop the skills and theory needed to work as teachers of English as a second language anywhere in the world.


The course itself is divided into 11 different modules covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Understanding English Grammar
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Teaching English Vocabulary
  • Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  • Materials and Aids for Teaching English
  • Teaching Pronunciation of English
  • Lesson Planning for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners
  • Using Resources Effectively When Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Delivery and Duration

  • 168 hours of study ​
  • 29 credits
  • You can study this course through Distance learning, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Campus
How does each mode of study work? Distance Learning For the self-guided, busy individual who wants full control over their learning. With this mode you will be given 24/7 access to the Learning Management System where you will find all course information and resources, Then you can study and submit assignments at your own pace. You will still have access to a tutor should you have any questions. Hybrid Learning With this mode of learning, you will receive all the benefits of Distance Learning plus up to twelve hours of one-to-one support with an expert tutor who will guide you through the course. The schedule is flexible and will be determined between yourself and our admission team in the UK upon enrolment. Virtual Campus On the Virtual Campus, you’ll meet weekly with like-minded students from all over the world to engage in close-nit discussions of key subjects and discuss real workplace experiences. This is a great opportunity to network with other professionals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. You’ll still get all the benefits of a Distance Learning student. To view our up to date schedule please visit:


Assessment is through the submission of different types of assignments, from practical ensure that all requirements of the qualification can be met. Assessment methods for this qualification include: ​

  • Assignments & essays
  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Observations
  • Online assessments
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Professional Discussion
  • Projects
  • Questions – written and oral
  • Reflective learning journal
  • Self-evaluation and action plan

Why choose NHC Ofqual Level 5 Certificate in TEFL?

We are an accredited British institute that aims to provide the best learning experience and opportunities to grow as a teacher. Enrolling with NHC means:

  • You'll achieve a British accredited certificate that is valuable worldwide
  • Choosing your own flexible learning schedule
  • Saving money with affordable payment plans
  • Getting access to hours of additional resources to facilitate the learning process
  • Choosing a mode of study that best suits your needs and learning style
  • The chance to keep up to date with the latest trends in Teacher Training
  • Access to expert British teachers
  • Access to recordings of live sessions if you're studying Virtual Campus, so you never miss a lesson
  • Lifetime verification services for your certificate
  • Excellent support and communication services
You'll be joining thousands of teachers worldwide who have qualified from one of our courses!


All trainee teachers should undertake an initial assessment of skills in English. They should record their development needs and, where applicable, agree an action plan to address them.


Accreditation: Backed by TQUK, an independent awarding organisation whose qualifications are recognised globally, and backed by Ofqual. Duration: 168 hours of coursework Level: Accredited at Level 5 on the RQF, this is academically equivalent to the second year of a Bachelor's degree. Credits: 29 credits Qualification ID: 601/5234/5


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