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UK Visa

Notting Hill College can help students obtain Student Visitor Visa (6 Months)

Many students would need a visa to study and live in the UK


Visa Guidelines

The visa process & requirements, may differ depending on your country. If you want help just email us.


  • Pass our online English Test or determine your level based on your language records.

  • Enrol and pay for your course. We recommend a course of more than 15 hours per week (20 or more lessons per week).

  • If you do not have an accommodation in the UK, we highly recommend that you pay for your home stay as well.

  • Once your enrollment documents are received and you are found eligible, we send you your Payment Confirmation Slip and Acceptance Letter along with other relevant documents

  • Apply to the UK Visa online; visa type “Student Visitor Visa (6 Months)” and book an appointment to submit your documents

How to Get Student Visitor Visa?

  • If you are from an EEA Country (Economical European Area)

  • YOU WILL NOT NEED a visa to come to the UK

  • If you are NOT from EEA Country, then you WILL NEED A VISA

  • to come to the UK

If your visa application is rejected, you can try again or ask us for a refund.

Before granting the UK Visa Officials will look for four main factors

  • You have the finances to pay your food, transportation & accommodation etc.

  • You want to return to your country after your course ends. For example: you have a job, a house in your country or you need to finish your University studies in your country.

  • You have a good reason to study English. (learning English will get you better a job in your country; or you want to study in an English university.

  • You submit your course enrollment & payment documents

  • Monitoring your Attendance: During your course of studies, you must attend more than 80% of the course; otherwise, we will report your absenteeism to the government.


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