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Our admissions process 

Becoming a student at Notting Hill College is just a few short steps away.

If you would like to apply, you should first contact your nearest Notting Hill College office. We have offices in the UK, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.


Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiries form and we will point you in the right direction to find out more about your chosen course.


You will then have a discussion with a student advisor in which you will discuss programmes you are interested in and what they involve, as well as your eligibility. Here, you can learn more about modes of study, pricing or any other queries you may have before making the decision to go ahead.


If you decide to enrol, you will be sent an application form. Along with the form, you must send back your passport details, copies of previous academic certificates and proof of address. Proof of address includes a copy of a recent utility bill, a bank or credit card statement or your tenancy agreement, for example. If required, you may be asked to provide your CV.


Next, you will be asked to sign our terms and conditions agreement, and a student advisor will send you a payment link for your course fees.


Within 48 hours, your application will be processed and you will receive a welcome email, along with an acceptance letter if you require this for visa purposes. You will also be signed up to Moodle (our Learning Management System), added to your classrooms and added to your course WhatsApp group, in which you can meet and collaborate with your fellow students.


Through every step, Notting Hill College’s student advisors, administrative staff and academic tutors are here to support you in your application process.

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