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Try our quiz to find the right TEFL or TESOL course for you!

Updated: May 12, 2022

If you want to teach English to non-native speakers, there are multiple qualifications you can choose from to give you the skills you need and to prove to employers that you are up for the job.

At Notting Hill College, you can choose from achieving a TEFL qualification and achieving a TESOL qualification. TEFL stands for 'teaching English as a foreign language'. TESOL stands for 'teaching English to speakers of other languages'.

We have made a handy quiz for you to find out which Notting Hill College qualification is right for you, based on your budget, preferred learning style and future plans.

Find out what TEFL / TESOL course is right for you

Now that you have your answer, you can read more about the TEFL or TESOL qualification that is the best fit for you. Find them here:

You will now also know which of our study modes will best suit your needs, namely either Virtual Campus or Distance Learning.

The Virtual Campus is a multimodal study mode which aims to replicate a classroom-based learning experience online. Students on the Virtual Campus will attend live Zoom lessons with like-minded fellow learners during which they will delve deep into their subjects and discuss important related topics. You will also have access to virtual learning platforms, allowing you to connect with your tutors and access resources. With Distance Learning, study is entirely your own. Choose how fast you work through course content and have freedom of when your independent study sessions take place.

Ready to begin your English teaching journey? Explore all of our TEFL and TESOL programmes here.



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