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NHC Virtual Campus

A dynamic, multi-modal approach that redefines online learning

Welcome to the Future of Education

Why study on the Virtual Campus?

Welcome to the NHC Virtual Campus, a state-of-the-art, dynamic learning environment that caters to all student needs. Our Virtual Campus integrates 3 cutting edge platforms and utilises interactive classroom tools in a package which delivers a better classroom experience. The use of a multi-modal approach fosters an increased student engagement with the aim of emulating our face-to-face classes as much as possible.

Virtual Classroom


Live Sessions




Learning Management System


  • Get access to accredited qualifications no matter where you are

  • Each course has an induction to make sure you are fully prepared and confident with the systems

  • Our teachers are highly qualified with years of experience

  • Our programs are current and follow the latest trends

  • The multi-model approach provides an engaging and holistic experience which is close to physical classrooms

  • We are available to answer your questions 7 days a week

What does the Virtual Campus offer that the classroom does not?

  • Equal opportunities; anyone can study with us regardless of location or schedule

  • All sessions are recorded and shared in the Virtual Classroom, so you’ll never miss a lecture again

  • Meet a network of professionals from all over the world

  • Save costs on travel

  • Easy to fit in with a busy lifestyle

  • Students can also join a class WhatsApp group to ask any live troubleshooting questions.

Platform 01

Live Sessions

  • Expert teachers

  • Small class sizes

  • Hands-on activities

  • Visual, audio and kinasthetic learning

Take part in weekly online scheduled meetings.  During the sessions, students meet our trainers, discuss topics, ask questions and work with their classmates.

The trainer can share their presentations to help students visualise the content, ask questions to elevate students' engagement level and promote an intellectually stimulating classroom environment.  Our students reported the sessions to be successful and beneficial.


Virtual Classroom

  • Stay in touch with your trainer and classmates

  • Complete tasks together

  • Receive feedback

  • View recorded lectures

  • Access additional materials


Virtual Classroom helps us communicate with our students securely and effectively. On the classroom, students are assigned practical tasks, given extra reading materials, and receiving feedback on their performance. In addition, all live sessions are recorded and posted on the classroom to give students a better chance to review.

Platform 03

learning management system

  • View pre-recorded lectures

  • Access course material and handbooks

  • Submit official assignments for grading


Notting Hill College Learning Management System (LMS) is the platform where students submit their assignments, listen to recorded lectures, download their reference materials and view the assessment submission guidelines.