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Teach Talk: Episode 6

We are back with a brand new episode of Teach Talk, the Notting Hill College podcast.

Listen here.

In Episode 6, Kirsty and Paul dive into a subject feared by EFL teachers everywhere: gerunds!

What is a gerund, you ask? A gerund is a verb form which acts as a noun in a sentence. Yep, confusing!

Examples include "Do you mind my asking you?" and "I like swimming." In these sentences, 'asking' and 'swimming' are being used as nouns despite usually being verbs.

As usual, our hosts answer questions from listeners, including:

  • How can you make gerunds exciting?

  • Can you get away with just not teaching gerunds at all?

  • Should you penalise students who forget things they should be bringing to lesson and how should you do it?

  • How do you deal with a student who is acting out in their lessons?

  • How can you encourage quieter students to participate in the class as opposed to the same students dominating discussions all the time?

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