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Approaching your IELTS examination

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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Candidates who wish to study and prepare for the IELTS exam might feel a lot of pressure. All the hard work undertaken in improving your English and expanding your vocabulary and grammatical range must be used efficiently and accurately in the four tests that measure your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Undoubtedly, your ability to construct sentences and use a wide range of vocabulary is important in achieving a satisfactory IELTS score, but there is more to the exam than that. There is a wide range of skills that you must develop and use when approaching reading materials, listening materials, essay questions and more.

IELTS reading tips

Consequently, any IELTS preparation undertaken must include a clear and consistent focus on the skills needed to approach each test. For the reading test, these skills include, but are not limited to, predicting, scanning, and skimming. Predicting the content of a text will help you to feel prepared when looking at a text for the first time.

You cannot predict, however, without scanning and skimming. Scanning and skimming are techniques used to look at a text broadly and quickly to understand its general content. As the test progresses, you will need to scan and skim for specific information to answer several types of questions as quickly as possible.

Once you have developed these skills and are able to use them for a wide variety of texts, you will feel more comfortable when you open the exam paper. There is no need to panic when you’ve got a solid foundation of reading skills!

Avoid free online courses claiming to improve your English

These are just some of the skills that you will need to develop to get the IELTS score you necessary for university acceptance and work placements.

Candidates who wish to boost these skills before the IELTS exam may ask themselves: “What is the best way to study and develop my skills?” In the digital age, the answer often reached is “Study with online resources!”

There are many useful resources on the internet. The freedom of publication, however, means that there are many websites and resources that contain grammatical inaccuracies, have inconsistencies in study methods and provide unclear guidance. Not only that, there is seldom any personalised guidance behind the website.

IELTS Preparation Course in Manchester

The solution, then, is to explore the possibilities of attending IELTS preparation courses, where knowledgeable teachers can work closely with you to help you achieve your personal goals, and ensure that all the necessary skills needed to excel in the exam are fully developed.

Notting Hill College is very proud to have a team of teachers that know the IELTS exam inside and out, and who are fully committed to working with you in order to help you achieve the passing score you need.

Your goals are important to us. Enrol on a programme which will be fully tailored to suit your needs and might just be the help you need to get on track for work or university! Learn more about the IELTS Preparation Course here.



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