From our very beginning, Notting Hill College has been devoted to delivering British educational excellence to the world. We are experts in our fields and proudly provide as range of qualifications to suit every need. Our top-quality programs, combined with our state-of-the-art Virtual Campus, allows us to deliver these programs to students from every corner of the world. To view our full range of programmes, choose from one of the options below.

Teacher Training Qualifications

English Language Center

The Notting Hill College School of Teacher Training presents a full range of programmes that address the practical and theoretical needs of novice and experienced teachers.


Whether your starting your career in education or looking to advance on your experience, our courses are designed to suit all needs. We have been able to assist teachers from all over the world to improve their skills, CVs and career prospects in education. Our courses have been designed to be as flexible as you need to them to be, with the option to choose your study method and extend or shorten your course duration.


Our courses are offered at affordable fees and our academic staff focus on helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to advance in todays demanding fields of education.

English Language Training

Teacher Training School

Our English Language training programmes are provided by our specialised language department - Think English. 

Study General English, IELTS preparation, UKVI Preparation (Trinity GESE), Conversaional English and more! With experienced teachers and one-to-one, private classes, you are sure to reach your personal goals, fast. Using their new Virtual Camps, you can study from anywhere in the world and feel like you're still in the classroom!