A Leading Provider of Diversified Learning Opportunities

Notting Hill College is a dynamic British institution that specialises in further as well as vocational training. The College was established in 2004 and ever since that date, it has been constantly expanding in various tracks; curriculum and programme design, academic partnership and network construction. This diligent work has made us a leading provider presenting diversified learning services.

Due to our rigorous updates and innovations; NHC has attracted ambitious students to join its programmes and has thrived in the teaching and learning community. Our quality-driven approach has given us a global outlook and has placed NHC at the forefront of continuous education.

Our institution operates across four major areas which are: Teacher Training; Business Training, Language Training and Assessment. Our students are on courses leading to certificate level and diploma level programmes. The exceptional breadth of vocational training choices together with the rapidly-expanding range of world language courses enables us to fulfil the requirements of our students and potential students. The College’s array of short courses, certificate level and diploma level programmes are spread across three distinct schools: the the School of Business, School of Teacher Trainingand School of Languages.

All NHC Schools are committed to excellent education and quality training. Through our practical, career-focused training, we help our students reach their full potential. Our experience in delivering vocational and academic courses in a wide range of subjects has helped our students achieve their goals and have a successful future.

The College has a network of partners and three regional offices: Gulf Area Regional Office, located in the UAE; West Africa Regional Office in Ghana; and North Africa Regional Office in Egypt. An important role of these regional offices is to co-ordinate NHC's global reach through the College's steadily expanding network.

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