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Moving into 2022 with Notting Hill College

Updated: May 11, 2022

2021 has been a big year for Notting Hill College.

The pandemic meant the company was forced to overcome difficult challenges, such as ever-changing rules and restrictions.

Our online presence has been a key part of our work in 2021. To make sure we stuck to our mission of delivering quality, accessible education, we continued to develop our virtual study modes. Our Virtual Campus, Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning study modes allowed our students to learn wherever they were located, whatever their region’s Covid-19 restrictions were.

The Notting Hill College team has grown, with many new colleagues across our marketing, sales and admin departments. These new members joined our existing dedicated staff of teachers, administrators, leaders and more, all working towards delivering the best possible education experience for our students.

Our partner schools thrived in 2021. The Health Sciences and Safety Institute has delivered training diplomas for professions working across different sectors of medicine, health and occupational safety. Think English, our language school, helped students improve their English and saw them pass SELT and IELTS exams.

To end the year, Notting Hill College is hosting a study trip to İstanbul. The trip is for people interested in training and coaching, and will see them gain our popular Diploma in Training of Trainers (TOT) as well as absorb Turkish culture as they enter 2022.

So what can we expect for 2022 at Notting Hill College?

As we move into another year, we will continue to commit to providing quality training in the fields of language and teaching with the aim of seeing our trainees grow as people and in their careers.

We hope for the world to open up again safely so all trainees wishing to teach English abroad can maximise their potential and seek out any global teaching job of their dreams.

Excitingly, in February, Notting Hill College is hosting its sixth annual Innovation in Education event. The free virtual conference, titled ‘Lead to Grow: Develop the student & the teacher’, will have keynote speakers and will explore the latest trends in education and training. Attend from the comfort of your own home or office on 12th February!

Happy new year from Notting Hill College!



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