Training of the Trainers


Teacher Training Programme


The Art of Teaching Adults

Training of the Trainers

Keeping the information fresh and reinforcing new learning is a constant challenge to trainers teaching adults. Trainers persistently ask themselves questions like: how can I assess the level of knowledge and the learning style of my trainees? How can I determine the learning needs of my audience? How can I improve my classroom charisma? Who are the difficult participants and how can I handle them? Should I design my own material?


To apply for this course, you need to have

  • Level 3 or 4 equivalent to (Bachelor’s Degree)

  • Teaching experience is not required

  • Significant to teaching Adults

  • Competence in English


Assessment of this course evaluates your understanding of the main TOT concepts. Practical-based and hands-on assessment. 
The Diploma is achieved by the satisfactory completion of a quiz, a presentation and a final project.

Course Features

  • Accredited training provider

  • Trendy topics                        

  • Deliver 20 min. presentation

  • Online learning portal

  • Free verification service

  • Flexible study plans

  • Resources and handouts

  • Topics covering the most relevant presentation skills

Structure and Duration

NHC TOT course focuses on 2 main training areas; planning and delivering. The course greatly emphasises on presentation skills, classroom management, material development and assessment needs. The topics have been carefully selected to develop the knowledge and understanding of the adult learning process (Andragogy). The course is designed to offer a great deal of flexibility and you should complete it within an eight week period.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Explain how adults differ from children!

  • Identify the characteristics of the exceptional trainer! 

  • Understand different behavioral and learning styles!

  • Identify the importance of TNA!

  • Develop strategies for handling disruptive participants!

  • Point out the highlight and pitfalls of various visual aids!

  • Present & deliver a clear, concise & engaging session!

  • Provide tactics for handling unplanned situations! 

  • Demonstrate successful understanding of key presentation concepts!

  • Prepare participants to analyze their audience and tailor their material & program delivery to suit them!

  • Show the ways how to evaluate and assess the audience and how to keep them learning after you’ve stopped teaching them!

Modes of Study

Online, Skype, Intensive


70 Hours


Assignments & Quizzes

Overall Grading Type

Pass, Merit, Distinction


Notting Hill College

Certificate of Achievement

Qualification ID


Fees Include

Issuing Course Certificate, Course Transcript, E-support, Shipping

TOT Coursework

Module 1: Planning

  • Needs assessment

  • Planning training sessions

  • Material development

  • Characterestics of the perfect trainer 

  • Features of adult learners and learning 

  • Identifing presentation methods and techniques

Module 2: Delivering

  • Delivering training 

  • Handling tough participants 

  • Setting smart objectives 

  • Assessing learning outcomes

  • Evaluating attendees performance 

  • Adapting high tech, low tech and no tech visuals 

Why Training of the Trainers (TOT)

Employees who need to learn how to overcome challenges that keep them from developing and coaching their teams. The target audience should be those who need to raise their level of understanding and usage of training, and to be introduced to the most effective and engaging training methods.
This course is good for:

  • Educators, teacher trainers, supervisors, teachers and educational leaders.

  • Trainer-to-be, Training Specialists, Executive Management, and Quality Personnel.


Study With Notting Hill College

The TEFL industry has seen an extraordinary increase in the number of children learning English as a foreign language in both state systems and private language schools.

Employers now recognise that further training is an essential requirement for any teacher wishing to enter a young learners’ classroom successfully. In response to this need, the School of Teacher Training at Notting Hill College has designed a course to prepare teachers for the demands of the young learners’ classroom and help them stand out from the crowd when applying for teaching positions.

Expand your skills as a teacher in the classroom by enrolling on the Teaching English To Young Learners course with Notting Hill College. To secure your spot on this course, please contact us online.

Alternatively, speak to an educational adviser by calling +44 161 470 6260


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