School of Languages Partnership

Welcome to A Rewarding Business Opportunity!

Notting Hill College aims to provide quality training. We welcome international students and target the highest possible quality in a learning environment. We see ourselves as a supportive & friendly institution offering affordable British qualifications.

Notting Hill College partnership is based on mutual trust and commitment. Our mission is to promote excellence in education. This is achieved by focusing on the welfare of the students & offering a friendly learning environment.

Notting Hill College seeks partnership with agents sharing similar vision, mission & objectives. The main reason is to open up opportunities for potential international students to benefit from NHC rewarding educational experience.

NHC Authorised Agent Licence

The NHC Authorised Agent Licence allows educational institutions to recruit students for our programme(s) at our premises in Manchester. NHC Authorised Agent are to operate from their Country of residence. The licence is non-exclusive & allows NHC to appoint other agents.

Licence Procedure

Phase 1

Attach the relevant documents including the following…

  • A passport sized photograph

  • A verified photocopy of your Passport

  • Other documents required in the Application including Certificate of Registration (as company where the agent’s office exist); Supporting evidence of physical existence (license, etc.) for all branches, sub-agents &/or outlets; Referral letter from other education providers (if applicable)


Phase 2

  • Attend a video-conference meeting where you will introduce your business more & answer our questions.

  • Meeting outcome will be emailed within 15 working days.

  • Approved Agents will Receive initial approval email and the Confidentiality Agreement


Phase 3

  • Sign NHC Confidentiality Agreement, submit the financial dues and plan a proposed time

  • schedule for system delivery & launching support)

  • Sign NHC Authorised Agent Agreement

Phase 4

  • Submit your business plan (support available upon request)

  • Receive initial training and/or launching support

  • Start marketing & admission procedures

Criteria of a Good Agent:

  • Knowledge of local market

  • Knowledge of local education system

  • Total acceptance of NHC Code of Conduct

  • Reliable network stakeholders including local colleges, institutions, universities, relevant government offices and embassies …etc

  • Knowledge of & expertise in marketing

  • Years of experience

  • Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity

Agents Role & Duties:

  • Recruiting potential students using ethical methods of advertising without misleading the student

  • The requirements for acceptance on to a course

  • Assisting potnetial students to complete application and forwarding them to the College. Ensuring as far as possible that applicants are genuine students. Notifying the College of any discrepancies in relation to student intention, documents

Advertising Guidelines for agent

Please find below the guidelines for the agents before placing advertises for marketing purposes:

  • Agents must seek NHC’s approval prior to the release of any advertisements, promotional materials, use of NHC’s legal and trading names as well as NHC’s logo. The Regional Manager will control this process.

  • In any advertisement promoting our programme(s), only NHC Authorised Agent logo.

  • Programme(s)must be mentioned using the correct and complete titles.

  • NHC Authorised Agents must ensure that advertised course fees and payment structures are accurate and correct, as set by NHC.

  • Approved advertising and promotional materials must adhere to professional and ethical manners, sustain the integrity and reputation of NHC.

  • Advertising and promotional materials must not give false, ambiguous or misleading information or advice.

  • Agents will not make any promise or give any commitment on behalf of NHC. The College reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event of any misrepresentation by the agent.

  • All legal decisions are subject to the authority of the laws of England and Wales.

Benefits of Being NHC Authorised Agents

  • NHC Authorised Agents enjoy the following benefira

  • Work on a commission fee basis, and/or a fixed fee, or a service fee.

  • Ongoing Support

  • Low risk & additional income stream

  • Joining NHC Network which entitles you to website listing, free marketing campaigns …etc

Agents get their commission payment after the student has paid tuition fees.

Recompense for Agents

NHC will remit the agreed commission within 20 working days upon successfully obtain a visa from the British High Commission overseas and subsequent reporting to the College. Each remittance of commission will be made by NHC upon receipt of an original invoice from the authorised agent. Student fees will be refunded only to the student through the agent in cases of student visa being refused as stated in the Refund Policy document.

Student Cancellations & Refunds

Please refer to our current Terms & Conditions for information on our cancellations and refund policy and procedure. If the agent has received commission from NHC and requests a refund on behalf of a student, the agent must return the commission payment to NHC before a refund request can be processed. Both Applicants and agents must read our refund policy to avoid any discrepancies.

Monitoring of Agents

NHC Regional Officer is responsible for monitoring the agent’s performance and should include

  • Ensuring the agent visits the College annually

  • Quality of application received,

  • Number of applications received against enrolments,

  • Number of enrolments against completion and success in course,

  • English language level of their students,

  • Academic suitability of their students,

  • Financial viability of their students,

  • Gaining feedback from students on agent performance and accuracy of information given to them.

To Know more please download the Agent Guide

Notting Hill College Agent Guide