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Foundation Certificate in 

English Language and Linguistics

Key Details

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Foundation Certificate in English Language and Linguistics is your opportunity to expand your knowledge and delve deeper into this fascinating area of study. During the course of study, attendees will be introduced to the major concepts in linguistics and all the key elements of language. The certificate acts as a fundamental and simple introduction to the study of language so no prior knowledge is required. Your knowledge and understanding of how a language works, and how we communicate, will give you a solid foundation for many careers. 


Course Information

Course Information


  • The Origins of Language

  • Animals and Human Language

  • The Sound of Language 

  • The Sound Patterns of Language

  • Word formation and Morphology

  • Grammar

  • Syntax

  • Semantics

  • Pragmatics

  • Discourse Analysis

  • Language and the Brain

  • First Language Acquisition

  • Second Language Acquisition/Learning

  • Written Language

  • Regional and Social Variation in Language 

  • Language and Culture


You'll be assessed through essays, quizzes, posters, blogs and portfolios. Your body of work demonstrates your skills to employers.


Physical Classroom

We welcome learners from Egypt to join us at our campuses in Alexandria and Cairo. In a friendly classroom environment, you can complete a range of career-boosting teaching training and language programmes.



The course is designed for university students and teachers with no English specialism.


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