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NHC Diploma in


Key Details

Duration - 45 hours

Hybrid Learning


There is a unique approach to writing for each particular purpose. An email is written differently to a speech, and a short fiction story will not read the same as an instruction manual. 


On the three-level Diploma in Writing programme, learners are introduced to different writing styles and receive training in forming descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, narrative and reflective bodies of text.


Those who study this course will engage with practical activities to see them become confident and versatile writers, with skills in sentence structure, paragraphing and writing essays. Each level contains a wide variety of writing models in carefully-selected styles.


This practical programme is suited for people with an intermediate writing level and who wish to improve their ability to write in a variety of styles and gain knowledge on writing sub-skills.


Course Information

Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop pieces of writing that are suitable for a given occasion or genre in their use of theses, argument, evidence and structure.

  • Create essays that are based on competent, careful reading and analysis of texts.

  • Master preparatory writing strategies such as drafting, revising, taking notes and collaborating.

  • Produce essays that have been effectively proofread for correctness of grammar, punctuation and mechanics.

  • Demonstrate mastery of content, effective participation in discussion and ability to give presentations.


The Diploma in Writing is split into three levels

Writing Skills Level 1:

Students are introduced to the process of writing and are taught how to generate, develop and organise their ideas.


Writing Skills Level 2:

Students are shown how to write effective essays and are provided with practice in rhetorical patterns.


Writing Skills Level 3:

Students engage with more challenging models and assignments to give them opportunities to further develop their essay writing and vocabulary skills.


Submission of assignments across three levels will result in the achievement of the Diploma in Writing. 


  • Writing Skills Level 1: Completion of a descriptive message, a narrative essay and formal and informal letters. 

  • Writing Skills Level 2: Completion of an argumentative essay, expository essay and emails.

  • Writing Skills Level 3: Completion of a discursive essay, a news report and an opinion essay.


Level one: 15 hours of study

Level two: 15 hours of study

Level three: 15 hours of study


Hybrid Learning

With this mode of learning, you will receive all the benefits of Distance Learning plus up to twelve hours of one-to-one support with an expert tutor who will guide you through the course. The schedule is flexible and will be determined between yourself and our admission team in the UK upon enrolment.



Applicants must have intermediate English writing level.


Career Prospects

This qualification introduces learners to the skills needed for various written content allowing them to find their place within the vast opportunities in this field.


Career paths include:


  • Copywriter

  • Journalist

  • Editorial assistant 

Career Prospects

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Notting Hill College

We are an accredited British institution that aims to provide a quality learning experience and opportunities to grow.

Receive a diploma from an accredited British institution meaning your achievements will be recognised globally.

Choose a mode of study that best suits your needs and learning style.

Choose your own flexible learning schedule.

Keep up to date with the latest approaches to writing for different purposes.

Save money with affordable payment plans.

Learn from expert teachers.

Access hours of additional resources to facilitate your learning process.

Access recordings of your live virtual sessions so you never miss a lesson.

Have a continuous authentication of your certificates with the Lifetime Verification Service.

Enjoy excellent support and communication services.

Join a network of thousands of global Notting Hill College graduates who have qualified from one of our courses.

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