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Cultivating Anti-Bullying Behaviour in Schools: Tactics and Strategies


This professional training course is designed to equip educators and school leaders with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to foster a safe and inclusive school environment free from bullying. This course explores various tactics and proven strategies that effectively address and prevent bullying behaviour, empowering participants to create a positive and supportive school culture. It aims to give participants a good understanding of what bullying is and how to diminish it.


Course Information

Course Information


  • Understanding Bullying

  • Identifying Bullying and Action to be Taken at School

  • Preventing Bullying

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the dynamics and impact of bullying in schools.

  • Identify warning signs and early intervention strategies.

  • Promote empathy and social-emotional skills.

  • Implement evidence-based prevention strategies.

  • Develop effective reporting and response systems.

  • Engage parents and the wider community.


This is a short course that has a duration of 6 hours.

Mode of Study

This courses is available through online learning.



This course is suitable for educators, school administrators, counselors, and any professionals involved in creating a safe and inclusive school environment. It is beneficial for individuals at all levels of education, including primary, secondary, and higher education settings.


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