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Why you should become a teacher

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

There are so many reasons why teaching is a sought-after vocation. From getting to know students and seeing them grow every day to enjoying a strong career progression, here is why you should enter the world of education.

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Working with students every day

Young minds can absorb a lot of knowledge and so you will become an huge part of their formative years. But, as a teacher, you have the opportunity to do so much more for these minds than simply ingraining the curriculum into them.

Teachers guide their students through their academic and personal development. Educators who works with a set of students every day will get to witness the growth these young people have been through before their eyes.

Share your passion

Teaching is a unique field in that you can be an expert in a subject and then apply your knowledge to a whole separate skillset. Someone who has a degree in chemistry, for example, can become a science teacher, requiring new interpersonal and tutoring skills that they did not learn in the university lab.

When teaching a subject you love, you are bringing your passion into your job, and students can always tell when their teacher has a love for the subject. When you care about a topic, your lessons will naturally become more engaging and, as a result, your students will learn more and excel in their work.

Keep on learning

Not only do you become an expert on the topics you teach over the course of your career as an educator, but you will constantly pick up new understandings of classroom learning, technology and guiding students’ development.

Subject fields are always changing as new theories, academic research and discoveries are made within the context of changing worldviews. In order to teach your lessons accurately, you will need to keep up to date with these and regularly update curriculums. On top of this, understandings of how best to educate students evolves over the decades, meaning you are continuing your teacher training well beyond gaining your teaching qualification.

In addition, the technology of teaching evolves. It was not long ago that every classroom used only blackboards and notebooks. Today, classrooms have interactive whiteboards, tablets, cloud-based software and even augmented reality. Throughout your teaching career, you will find yourself becoming a master of all sorts of gadgets to keep ahead of the curve.


There are no two days the same in teaching, even when teaching the same topics.

Every class of students is unique, with a different mix of personalities and learning styles in each. These variations mean you will always come across new challenges and rewards when dealing with them.

There will always be something new happening within the wider school environment. So much will be going on behind the scenes of each teaching department and there will always be new events and trips to run.

Equally, there will be new challenges. Think about how you had to adapt to teaching during the pandemic, for example, or how the way you teach certain topics has evolved in light of world events.

Make a difference

When you teach, you are inspiring the next generation. They will remember what you taught and how you made them feel for many years to come, meaning their futures are in your hands.

Years down the line, former students will think back to their school days and contemplate the difference you made in being a contributor to their success.

You will be in demand

Having a future-proof career can be hard to come by in this day and age, but educators will always be necessary. Having a basis in teaching will see you continually employed in your home country and, if you wish to expand your horizons, all around the world.

Great career paths

Within teaching there is much room for career growth beyond the classroom. Through hard work and a passion for growing learners' minds, you can mold a extensive career in an area of education that interests you.

You can stay directly involved in teaching a subject that you love by becoming a head of department, in which you will decide on curriculum, teaching styles and staffing.

Move up and work within a school’s management team, where you will decide on more executive decisions of how the school itself is run and maybe even influence local education policy.

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