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The best TV shows about teachers

Maybe the last thing you want to do after a day teaching is watch TV programmes set in schools, but perhaps watching relatable content about the challenges faced by educators everywhere is a great way to unwind.

Since there are millions of teachers worldwide, it is only natural that there are many television shows focused on days in the lives of them. Check out some top picks below!

Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary is a new hit sitcom from the US. In a mockumentary style, it revolves around a team of passionate teachers in a Philadelphia state school who face the daily challenges of being underfunded and of working together.

Waterloo Road

This classic British drama series is set in a comprehensive school in the north of England and dives into a full spectrum of issues over its many episodes. Whilst the focus strays quite far from the everyday tasks of lesson planning and department meetings (and, at times, from reality), it deals with the pressures and struggles facing teenage students and the educators who lead them.

A.P. Bio

Hopefully, you don’t relate to main character Jack too much! A.P. Bio is an American sitcom about a former university professor who finds himself reluctantly teaching in a high school. From the offset, we can tell that Jack might not be the most dedicated of teachers and is instead using his time to get revenge on various people from his past.

Bad Education

You sometimes might wonder how someone managed to get their job, and that is definitely the case with Bad Education’s lead Alfie. Despite not being the most apt teacher, Alfie is loved by his students. Join him in this British sitcom as he stumbles into mishaps, goes on silly adventures with his class and deals with a kooky head teacher.

Mr. Corman

In this comedy drama, a teacher struggles with his own happiness whilst feeling as if he was destined for more. As a middle school teacher in San Francisco, Mr. Corman tries to appreciate his life and work through his relationships with the people in it.

Teachers (UK)

Teachers is a British comedy-drama series from the early 2000s. This show is a character study of the kinds of people you might meet as a teacher and about what they really get up to outside of lessons.

Teachers (US)

Follow six female teachers who each have a slightly different approach to their school days and to their outlooks on life. Teachers is an American sitcom loosely based on its British namesake, and it focuses on the interaction between a set of educators at an elementary school who are all just trying their best. Well, most of them are.

Boston Public

Be transported to Boston with this American drama series set in a state high school. Boston Public is centred around teachers and administrators who strive to gain the respect of teenage students and their parents, with storylines weaving together the characters’ personal and professional lives.

Mr. Iglesias

In this fun comedy, Mr. Iglesias is a good-natured high school teacher who returns to work at his alma mater. In the face of students falling victim to a flawed education system and of bureaucracy, he strives to see his students reach their full potential.

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