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Teach Talk: Episode 4

Episode 4 of Teach Talk is now live and we are excited to introduce the podcast's first ever guest!

Tune in and listen to the latest episode.

Teach Talk is Notting Hill College's brand new podcast aimed at EFL teachers and the wider education community. Each episode, hosts Kirsty and Paul answer listener questions about taking on the English teaching role and discuss solutions to lesson difficulties. This week, Teach Talk is joined by Notting Hill College's very own Olivia, who has experience working as a TEFL-qualified teacher in both the UK and Tonga! 🇹🇴

Topics explored in Episode 4 include:

  • Effectively managing time in the classroom

  • Different learning styles

  • Balancing teacher talk time and student contributions to the class

  • The reality of travelling the world as an EFL teacher

  • Dealing with students' parents

Listen to all episodes so far or explore Notting Hill College's range of EFL courses to launch your international English teaching career.



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