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Teach Talk: Episode 3

Kirsty and Paul are back to tackle all of the challenges EFL teachers face in the classroom!

Have a listen to this week's episode here.

Each episode, listeners send in their questions and teaching grumbles, and our hosts dive into the solutions. Episode 3 explores:

  • How do we teach intonation to students who speak English with no emotion in their voice?

  • How should we approach having to teach from lots of different curriculums?

  • How we invite shy students to be open and communicate with us?

  • How do we follow set curriculums whilst still catering to each learner's likes, dislikes, learning styles and needs?

  • What should we do about parents who interfere with their children's lessons without understanding the teaching process?

Have you got a teaching question you want answered by Kirsty and Paul? Email and it might get read out on a future Teach Talk episode!

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