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Why study English in the UK?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Text reads: 'Why study English in the UK?' in front of a photo of red telephone boxes.

Students flock from all over the world to Great Britain – almost 500,000 learners in the 2017-2018 academic year alone! Notting Hill College is proud to have its roots in such a global hotspot, and with international students walking through our doors every day, we’re excited to share just why Britain is the number one education destination for so many people.

1. The history

Oxford University is known as the oldest university in the English-speaking world – founded all the way back in the tenth century. Britain has been educating people hungry for knowledge for longer than many countries have existed! Students coming to Britain join a long tradition of people who were willing to go the extra mile for the best education.

2. The culture

British culture is known all over the world. It’s not just Harry Potter and The Beatles, either! The students at our Manchester campus can visit iconic theatres to see plays by Shakespeare (or musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber, if that’s what they prefer!). The dozens of concert venues around the city give international travellers a chance to see new music every night of the week. Plus, galleries and museums within walking distance mean that the UK culture really is right on our doorstep.

3. The learning experience

If you’re looking to boost your English skills, immersion is the best way to make sure the studying never stops. Whether you’re catching a tram at the nearby Metrolink stop, buying a delicious coffee in the city centre or talking to new friends about what to do this weekend, your ability to use English in all kinds of situations will flourish.

4. The teachers

The Notting Hill College tutors will support you to ensure you truly get the most from your time in the UK. Using up-to-date methodology, years of experience and the best in facilities and resources, NHC employs teachers who know exactly what our international students want. All of our qualifications are accredited through UK organisations, bringing the prestigiousness of our English establishment onto your CV.

Study English in the UK with Think English courses provided by Notting Hill College.


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