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Can I teach in the UK with Level 5 TEFL Certificate?

Updated: May 11, 2022

A teacher is crouched next to a young student sat at a classroom desk, helping him with his work.
Credit: Paul Gooddy

The idea of travelling overseas and teaching abroad is fascinating for many people. They are excited about the possibility of experiencing new cultures while making a living and perhaps saving as well. However, many other people find earning a living here in the UK by teaching English to international students equally appealing.

The good news is there are many EFL teaching opportunities available in the UK. You could work in summer camps, teach online or work in a language school. Some, with entrepreneurial skills, become self-employed where they teach and train as freelancer.

Holding a nationally-recognised and Ofqual-regulated qualification in the form of the Level 5 TEFL Certificate is a tested and affordable gateway to these pathways for career development.

We at Notting Hill College have developed resources that will make your learning journey for Level 5 TEFL Certificate a smooth and interesting one.

If you are British and interested in teaching English in the UK but not yet qualified in TEFL, then why not look to take one of our TEFL qualifications? Please contact us today to discuss your interests and requirements with one of our agents, and we will be happy to assist you on your journey.

For more information about Level 5 TEFL Certificate, email


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