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How would you motivate these types of people in your organisation?

Updated: May 11, 2022

In any group or team environment, you will find people of all different personalities. With each of these types, you may have to approach how you handle them differently.

Text reads 'How would you motivate these types of people in your organisation', below labels of 'the intimidate', 'the defiant', 'the follower', 'the ambitious' and 'the innovator'.

The Hangers-on: The Negligent

They are the ones who know all the right things. They may attend all meetings but not actually do anything.

Best way to motivate: Assigning roles and delegating tasks would be the best way. This type suffers from lack of energy to experiment new ideas. If their manager gives them a scaffold and provides enough support, they will get the courage to implement what was learnt. Also, ensuring a conducive working environment will push The Negligent to be more diligent in their work

The Erasers: The Defiant

These people endeavor to undo much if not all of the work done by the leaders or innovator. Most of the time, they criticise new ideas, highlight problems and do not attempt to bring solutions.

Best way to motivate: One of the most challenging staff members to manage. The Defiant is motivated by empowerment. Their performances soar if they are given a leading role to vent their energy. It is worth noting that no one leads an Eraser better than an Eraser. They anticipate problems raised by other Defiant.

The Ferrules: The Intimidate

Intimidates hang on tightly to what they know. They keep a strong grip on their conventional administrative or management techniques and resist changes. They feel there is no place for updates in their organisation and nothing better could be done.

Best way to motivate: The Ferrules need to be extrinsically motivated. They need to feel the value of the change and that by not embracing the latest trends they are missing out on something.

The Woods: The Follower

These people would do the updates if someone would just give them the gear, set it up, train them, take responsibility and keep it running! All they need is help from some sharp person and they would be doing it, too. They don’t like to take responsibilities.

Best way to motivate: The Wood needs mentoring and support. They are intimidated by the change so they need reassurance and one-to-one training to help them start with confidence.

The Sharp Ones: The Ambitious

A Sharp One sees the benefits of taking initiatives and values risk taking. They are willing to grab opportunities and are known for the best of practices and great performance. They learn from the mistakes of others and work hard to be distinguished.

Best way to motivate: This is another challenging staff member. They are sharp, intelligent and full of energy. They need a visionary manager to foresee their potential and utilise their energy. It is important that their managers acknowledge their contribution and give them the credit of their work, otherwise they would be disappointed and switch to being an Eraser.

The Leaders: The Innovator

These people are the first to take risks, move to challenging positions and share their experiences. They apply new tactics and always bring new ideas to the table.

Best way to motivate: The most difficult type to their seniors! Many managers feel threatened by The Innovator. Assigning creative tasks should employ initiatives and resourcefulness.

In conclusion, motivation and empowerment are keys to the organisation success. Staff members who understand the company's vision, and play effective roles in achieving this vision are the most powerful factor in the overall success of the organisation.

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