Diploma in English Phonetics and Phonology Overview

Phonetics and Phonology Diploma is a distinguished course focusing on basic analysis, of linguistic data.

The course which consist of 30 hours and 3 levels, aims to familiarize students with the phonetic and phonological systems, with the larger system of English language.


The study also focuses on the micro and the macro-level of English phonetics. It also introduces students acoustic phonetics and to general principles of phonological rules and representations.


By achieving the Diploma students will be able to do the following:

* Transcribe the sounds of English and other languages in phonetic notation.

* Develop ‘ear’ to discriminate key phonetic differences.

* Understand simple phonetic principles for articulation and speech perception.

* Describe the phonological features and methods of articulation for phoneme or phone.

*Provide basic linguistic descriptions and analysis for a language’s sound system, phonological alternations, syllable structures, and stress system.

* Begin to identify sounds and phenomena which are marked in world languages.


- Sound

- Spelling and symbol

- The phoneme: the same but different

- Describing English consonants

- Defining distribution: consonants

- Allophones

- Criteria for contrast :  the phoneme system

- Describing vowels

- Vowel phonemes

- Variations between accents

- Syllables

- The word and above


Level 1

Phonetics: Description and Transcription


Level 2

Phonology: Aspects of connected speech 


Level 3

Conversation & Pragmatics: Real Dialog and Conversation

Diploma in Phonetics and Phonology

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