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Diploma in


Key Details

Duration - 100 hours


Physical Classroom


The programme is designed to develop teachers' professional classroom teaching skills through observed teaching practice sessions. It also focuses on developing instructor’s teaching, coaching and collaborative skills; key areas required to support students and enhance learning. The training course enables attendees to build a supportive and conducive learning environment, to foster learners’ progress and increase their students’ engagement. 


Course Information

Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Help in building your level of confidence in teaching

  • Inspire you to deliver high quality, learner-based and engaging lessons.

  • Equip you with up to date off-shelf activities to enrich their teaching toolboxes.

  • Enable you to reflect on their performance

  • Create a coherent lesson plan with clear objectives and learning outcomes

  • Sharpen teaching skills and refreshes EFL teaching methods


During the course, you will be asked to deliver peer-to-peer teaching experience, allowing you to put into practice all TEFL/TESOL teaching principles. 

Throughout the course, you will be assigned a number of teaching tasks that are duly observed and supervised by ELT experts. Once you deliver the task, a constructive feedback is provided to the attendees outlining their areas of development and points of strengths.



This course is assessed via a portfolio e-submission including evidence of preparation (lesson plans), presentation poster and self refelction reports. 


Physical Classroom

We welcome learners from Egypt to join us at our campuses in Alexandria and Cairo. In a friendly classroom environment, you can complete a range of career-boosting teaching training and language programmes.

A hands-on highly practical course that focuses on improving practical teaching skills 
Real life teaching experience to develop your teaching performance. 
Inspires you to deliver high quality, learner-based and engaging lessons.
Equips you with up to date off-shelf activities to enrich your teaching toolboxes.



The course is designed for those who are studying or have recently completed their TEFL/TESOL studies. It also welcomes veteran teachers who want to brush-up their teaching skills and spice-up their classes with engaging ideas. 


Why Choose
Notting Hill College

We are an accredited British institution that aims to provide a quality learning experience and opportunities to grow.

Receive a diploma from an accredited British institution meaning your achievements will be recognised globally.

Choose a mode of study that best suits your needs and learning style.

Choose your own flexible learning schedule.

Keep up to date with the latest trends in teaching.

Save money with affordable payment plans.

Learn from expert teachers.

Access hours of additional resources to facilitate your learning process.

Access recordings of your live virtual sessions so you never miss a lesson.

Have a continuous authentication of your certificates with the Lifetime Verification Service.

Enjoy excellent support and communication services.

Join a network of thousands of global Notting Hill College graduates who have qualified from one of our courses.

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