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Adopt a new approach to driving students’ learning with Notting Hill College’s STEAM Programme. 


STEAM is a modern teaching method that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics as an access point for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Its philosophy goes beyond just teaching each of these subjects’ lesson material, but embraces new approaches and attitudes to doing so. 


By the end of the STEAM Programme, you will be able to design lesson plans integrating different arts areas and curate student-centred sessions incorporating multiple disciplines of the curriculum.


You will advance your ability to create an inviting learning environment that suits learners’ interests and their social and emotional needs. Your skills will be put to the test when you practise delivering STEAM lessons before reflecting on your own and others’ efforts.


Course Information

Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Design a lesson plan that integrates multiple arts areas.

  • Plan a student-centred lesson that involves multiple disciplines of the curriculum.

  • Establish an inviting learning environment that suits various interests of learners.

  • Exhibit own awareness as a teacher of the importance of the social and emotional needs of learners.

  • Practise delivering a STEAM lesson.

  • Reflect on own and others' delivery of sample STEAM lessons.


The course is divided into four modules: 


  • Introduction to STEAM as an Instructional Method

  • Integration of Art with Teaching

  • STEAM in Action

  • Assessment of STEAM Implementation


Physical Classroom

We welcome learners from Egypt to join us at our campuses in Alexandria and Cairo. In a friendly classroom environment, you can complete a range of career-boosting teaching training and language programmes.



The STEAM Programme is suitable for teachers of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics who wish to integrate teaching methods of these subjects and create engaging lesson plans for the classroom.


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We are an accredited British institution that aims to provide a quality learning experience and opportunities to grow.

Receive a diploma from an accredited British institution meaning your achievements will be recognised globally.

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