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The Diploma in Writing is a three-level programme that enables you to write effectively and clearly. The Diploma aims to introduce you to different writing styles and trains you on different types of writing: descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, narrative, reflective. 


The overall objective of the writing programme is to help you succeed in your college courses and ultimately graduate as a fluent, confident and versatile writer. This is achieved through extensive practical activities to help you write great sentences, paragraphs and essays. Each level contains a wide variety of writing models in carefully-selected styles.


Learning outcomes


By the end of the Diploma in Writing, students will be able to demonstrate the following competencies.

  • Developing pieces of writing that are suitable for the occasion or genre in their use of theses, argument, evidence and structure.

  • Creating essays that are based on competent, careful reading and analysis of texts.

  • Mastering preparatory writing strategies such as drafting, revising, taking notes and collaborating.

  • Producing essays that have been effectively proofread for correctness of grammar, punctuation and mechanics.

  • Demonstrating mastery of content, effective participation in discussion and ability to give presentations.

Who is this course for?

This practical Diploma is for individuals who have intermediate writing level. The course introduces students to writing sub skills at the college level.


Writing skills Level 1: This level introduces students to the process of writing and teaches them how to generate, develop and organize their ideas. Writing skills Level 2: This level shows students how to write effective essays and provides practice in rhetorical patterns. Writing skills Level 3: This level uses more challenging models and assignments to give students opportunities to further develop their essay writing and vocabulary skills.


  • Level one: 15 hours of study
  • Level two: 15 hours of study
  • Level three: 15 hours of study
  • You can study this course through Distance learning, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Campus
How does each mode of study work?
  • Those who choose distance learning will have access to the portal where they can find all materials needed and recorded sessions.
  • Those who choose Hybrid learning will have one to one sessions with their teacher.
  • Those who choose the Virtual Campus will enjoy having live lessons with fellow students from anywhere in the world. It's an experience close enough to physical classrooms but better!


Level one: completion of a descriptive message, a narrative essay and formal and informal letters Level two: completion of an argumentative essay, expository essay and emails Level three: completion of a discursive essay, a news report and an opinion essay

​Why choose NHC Diploma in Writing?

We are an accredited British institute that aims to provide the best learning experience and opportunities to grow as a teacher. Enrolling with NHC means:

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  • Choosing a mode of study that best suits your needs and learning style
  • The chance to keep up to date with the latest trends in Teacher Training
  • Access to expert British teachers
  • Access to recordings of live sessions if you're studying Virtual Campus, so you never miss a lesson
  • Lifetime verification services for your certificate
  • Excellent support and communication services
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