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Children Embracing in Circle

Learning to Teach Series

Responding to Students’ Special Needs

Every learner in your classroom is a unique human being; a gift. It is your challenge and duty as a teacher to understand, accept and respond to this diversity. Yet, do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to do that?

This Two-day course is designed to equip teachers with the basic information they need to handle students with special learning needs.  It taps on the different learning difficulties students may have, and it provides various techniques on how to handle those needs, which every teacher is bound to encounter through his/ her teaching career.

Outline of the course:

Day One - 27th March 2021: 

  • What are the different special needs of students you may encounter in your classroom?

  • What are learning difficulties? 

  • Dealing With Students With Learning Difficulties

  • Children with ADHD


Day Two - 3rd April 2021: 

  • Handling Children with Autism 

  • Children with Tourette Syndrome

  • Children with OCD

  • Handling Bullying  

  • Working with families  


Who is this course for?

This course is for both novice and experienced teachers, special education teachers, shadow teachers, teacher assistants, and supporting staff in schools

Price: £50