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Visa Students – Terms & Conditions


Any students wishing to study at Notting Hill College who are not EU citizens must have a visa to remain in the UK andstudy full-time. Notting Hill College can assist with the following visa applications:

  • Student Visitor Visa

  • Extended Student Visitor Visa

For more information regarding visas, please visit:

Under current visa regulations, it is not possible to study on a normal tourist Visitor Visa or a Business Visa. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have the correct visa and any appropriate leave to remain in the UK. If Notting Hill College discovers that a student does not have the correct visa and/or appropriate leave to remain in the UK, the course will be terminated with no refund.

For more information regarding visa types, please visit:


Booking a Course

When a student wants to book a course with Notting Hill College, they will need to complete an application form and provide their passport details. We will then send an invitation letter in order to support a student visitor visa application.
Please note that all course fees must be paid in full before an invitation letter is issued.

Sponsored Students

If a student is being sponsored by their Embassy, then a provisional letter of sponsorship is required before an invitation letter can be issued. Sponsored students will not be permitted to start their course until a stamped, full letter of financial guarantee has been received by Notting Hill College. Full payment must be received within 14 days of the student’s course commencing.



  • If a student is required to postpone their course start date, the following rules will apply:
    A postponement request must be made in writing (by post or email) more than 14 days before the course is due to start. Any postponement   after this time will be treated as a cancellation.

  •  The course may be postponed twice free of charge. Any further postponements will be treated as a cancellation.

  • Any postponed courses are subject to availability. Any new course start date will depend on if College is fully booked. If so, alternative dates will be   provided.

  • If any new invitation letters are required, Notting Hill College must be paid £250 per letter.

Postponement due to Visa Delays/Refusals

If a student is required to postpone their course due to their visa being delayed or refused, they must contact Notting Hill College immediately to avoid incurring any cancellation charges. A copy of the refusal letter must be sent to in support of the postponement. In this case, no fees will be chargeable. However,if further invitation letters are required, Notting Hill College must be paid £10 per letter. This will be payable prior to the letter being sent.

Cancellations due to Visa Refusals

If a student is required to cancel their course due to their visa being refused, they must contact Notting Hill College be emailing explaining that the visa application has been refused.

Notting Hill College will not refund any course fees in situations where the visa application has been refused due to an error or missed information on the application. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that all information is correct when a visa is applied for. The Home Office’s decision is final and Notting Hill College will use all information provided in the refusal letter.

If a visa is refused after providing all of the correct information, the student must forward a copy of the visa refusal document and a completed refund application form. All monies will be refunded (minus a £450 administration fee and acceptance letter, £50 registration fees courier fees if applicable, and any bank charges).



All students must notify Notting Hill College of any holidays in writing, at least two weeks in advance. Notifying a member of staff verbally does not constitute sufficient notification.

The maximum authorised holiday permitted for students is 1 week for every 12 weeks of study. The permitted time will be added to the end of the course or there will be the possibility of additional classes. This will be decided by Notting Hill College. Refunds will not be issued by Notting Hill College for any holidays taken.

Notting Hill College will be closed on public holidays and over the Christmas period. Students will not be charged for these days.


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