Diploma in Translation Overview

The Advanced Diploma in Translation is designed, for those who strive to build a career in professional translation and have reached a high level of linguistic competence.

The Diploma in Translation will be achieved in 40 hours and it’s divided into 3 levels. It will enable learners  to translate from a source language into the mother tongue (target language), to a professional standard and their awareness of the professional  activity of translation.

The programme offers an engaging learning environment, both practical and theoretical guide to translation.

Learning outcomes:     


- Apply the different methodological approaches &procedures employed in rendering a text into another language.

-Be aware of problems of non- equivalence in translation.

- Practically apply the principles and techniques of translation.

-Translate specialized texts by applying professional, nationally accepted standards of translation using authentic materials.

- Gain sufficient knowledge &acquire localization skills through exposure to a variety of topics.

- Identify errors & criticize translated texts through the application of contrastive analysis techniques.

- Bridge the gap between different languages and cultures.

- Translate different types of texts orally.

Admission Requirements

-87% on the Tests of English (C2)

- Have adequate computer skills 

Graduation & Exit Requirements:

- Completing the 3 levels requirements

- Obtaining a minimum grade of B- (65%)

-Submitting 2 translation projects.


The full Diploma will be awarded when all levels are passed. The overall qualification will state “Pass” and the Transcript will show the breakdown of individual results.

Diploma in Translation

improve your linguistic competence