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Providing ATHE Diplomas In Business Management

Executive Education for the 21st Century Challenges

The School of Business promotes leading-edge executive education in HR, Management, Marketing, Sales and Soft Skills programs compatible with the world’s largest professional accrediting associations in each field. The School of Business delivers diplomas, certificates, complete courses and short courses that cover almost all the skills needed for today’s competitive market to ensure that our learners are meeting the needs of business.

We provide accessible, student-centered academic and personal enrichment opportunities to help our learners bring international perspectives to their personal and professional lives.  Our specialised curricula are invaluable for anyone planning\boasting a career in Business. We prepare our learners for the challenges of today’s careers to make an immediate contribution to global business. Our alumni are confident and comfortable enough to make presentations, work in diverse teams, communicate ideas, solve problems innovatively and manage themselves and others.

Our School of Business has created a learning delivery system that allows global reach through offering a wide variety of learning options regardless of learners’ locations and busy schedules. We offer our courses in four learning formats; distance, online, blended and classroom learning. Covering all higher education levels, from degree to masters, our ATHE accredited courses will provide you with a fast track to a top up year degree or masters in business at a UK university of your choice. 


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