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A Polite Warning: Plagiarism

Please note the following rules apply to all Notting Hill College courses/assignments/examinations without exception:

  • Any student discovered to have plagiarized from another current student will receive a FAIL on the assignment or examination concerned.

  • Please also note that the student, from which the work appears to have been plagiarized, will also receive a FAIL on that particular piece of work.

  • This is because it can be impossible to determine who authored the work, in such cases.

  • Notting Hill College uses specialized software to determine the extent to which an assignment or examination has been plagiarized from known sources, be they past or present. Notting Hill College implements a 25% plagiarism TOLERANCE level on each piece of work submitted. That is to say, if it is found that your plagiarism level is above 25%, you will automatically FAIL that particular assignment or examination.

  • Notting Hill College will NOT enter into discussion or negotiation upon matters of plagiarism as outlined above and WILL enforce the penalties outlined above for each and every proven case of plagiarism.

  • If you are not sure what does, and what does not, constitute plagiarism, please contact your centre as soon as possible, to seek appropriate guidance.