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About us

Notting Hill College is a dynamic British institution, established in 2004, which specialises in further education as well as vocational training. Over the years we have developed various programs which lead directly into the ever-changing professional job market. Due to our rigorous updates, innovations and stylish Virtual Campus, our programs have attracted a network of ambitious students from around the world, especially the UAE. Our quality-driven approach has given us a global outlook and has placed Notting Hill College at the forefront of the vocational training market. Our presence in the UAE means we can cater to the local preferences whilst still delivering a British educational experience.


What do we offer?

Advanced Certificate in TEFL

German Teacher

130 hour online TEFL course

Our TEFL course is widely recognised across the world and is the perfect gateway for anyone who wants to get started in teaching. The qualification is valued by language schools worldwide, meaning that you can travel and teach English on the go. The course is incredibly flexible and allows all of our students to study at their own pace, as well as from your own home. Our virtual campus provides you with the opportunity to meet other students and gain regular feedback from our tutors. The digital library available to learners allows you to gain extra knowledge in your free time and the materials to become a successful teacher in the long run.


All students who complete our course receive a certificate of achievement and a record of the work pursued. We also offer a 24/7 verification service to impress your future employers, whenever you may need.

Diploma in TESOL

TESOL Teacher.jpg

Achieve academic excellence and boost your career options

The Notting Hill College TESOL Diploma is designed for teachers who wish to achieve a higher and advanced qualification level. It covers the theory and methodology of teaching English to speakers of other languages. Our Diploma Programmes are designed for those who are serious about language teaching and seek excellence in their field. Enhancing professional competence and career opportunities are only two of the many benefits associated with higher level credentials. So why not elevate your qualifications, employment options and income with the Notting Hill College TESOL Diploma.


This course is designed to equip students with a deeper understanding of the theory that underpins the teaching of English as a second language, strengthening a teachers skills and understanding of how English works, boosting their employability and career advancement prospects.

Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management

Professional Female

Visionary leaders and competent managers

The Diploma in Educational Leadership & Management is designed to help school-level administrators become visionary leaders and competent managers. The course centres around global educational improvement and the leading of transformative change via engagement of rich, academic content and practical scenarios. Through the deeper understanding of your role and purpose as a leader, you will be able to shape your organization and add value to it. You will learn how to impact and inspire those you lead with essential leadership strategies.


The EL&M course endeavours to prepare you for the many challenges facing school administrators. Therefore providing hands-on opportunities for you to demonstrate proficiency and to practice leadership skills within your school setting. EL&M enables you to examine all spheres of education and training and makes you well-positioned to select suitable opportunities from a broad array of options.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Get access to British programs from the comfort of your own country.

  2. We are offering special local prices and payment plans.

  3. Enjoy our flexible study schedule and take more time for yourself or your family.  

  4. Programmes are available either via Distance Learning, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Campus. All you need is a laptop and stable internet connection to get started.

  5. Though our online lessons, you will enjoy broadcasted sessions from the UK, meet peers from all around the world and have access to recored sessions should you need to catch up.

  6. You will have access to the College’s LMS were you can find a wide range of exciting materials to help you in your studies.

  7. Network with staff and peers from all over the world and broaden your cultural experience.

  8. Expert tutors are on hand to assist you with your assignment questions. There is also a class WhatsApp group, so you can stay reach staff and peers quickly. 

  9. Our UAE office is in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah. Arrange a visit to meet one of our student advisors who will answer your questions and guide you to choose the best programme.

  10. Your certificate will not say 'online' and you'll be able to enjoy a lifetime certificate verification service 


Our Premises

Our Dubai office is located inside Al Ghuriair University, this offers our students many benefits and access to facilities such as 

- Cafeteria

- Gym

- Campus accommodation 

- Transportation services

- Laboratories

- Library 

- Convenience Store

- Studio 

Contact Us

Address: Dubai International Academic City, Al Ghuriair  University, Notting Hill College Office Number 123, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL 1: +971 5537 36 977


WhatsApp: +971 55 373 6977

Contact Us

Address: 19, Waters Edge Business Park, Modwen Road, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 3EZ,  United Kingdom

Main Reception: 

Tel: +44 161 513 1359  


Student Enquiries: 

Tel: +44 161 513 1355


Notting Hill College is registered in England and Wales as Notting Hill College LTD No. 5042086. Notting Hill College UKRLP: 10028428 

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