Notting Hill College Turkey

Welcome to Notting Hill College Turkey, the official representative centre of Notting Hill College.

Why are we here?

We love Turkey! This iconic county is rich in culture, history, art and nature. It combines antiquity with modern urbanisation to create a unique and inspiring blend of western and western cultures. With it, its citizens have developed a lasting willinglness to learn. 

Since our arrival,, we were surrounded with warm hospitality that’s why we would like to gift you back our high-quality educational services in the fields of Teacher Training and English language through virtual and physical classrooms.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Get access to British programs from the comfort of your own country.

  2. We are offering special Turkish prices and payment plans to fit with the local financial circumstances.

  3. Enjoy our flexible study schedule and take more time for yourself or your family.  

  4. Programmes are available either via Distance Learning, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Campus. All you need is a laptop and stable internet connection to get started.

  5. Though our online lessons, you will enjoy broadcasted sessions from the UK, meet peers from all around the world and have access to recored sessions should you need to catch up.

  6. You will have access to the College’s LMS were you can find a wide range of exciting materials to help you in your studies.

  7. Network with staff and peers from all over the world and broaden your cultural experience.

  8. Expert tutors are on hand to assist you with your assignment questions. There is also a class WhatsApp group, so you can stay reach staff and peers quickly. 

  9. Our Turkey office is in the heart of Istanbul. Arrange a visit to meet one of our student advisors who will answer your questions and guide you to choose the best programme.

  10. Your certificate will not say 'online' and you'll be able to enjoy a lifetime certificate verification service 


Contact Us

Address: Ofis Lamartine, floor 6, Kocatepe neighbourhood, Lamartin Avenue, 34437 Taksim - Beyoglu.
Istanbul- Turkey.

TEL 1: ‎(+90) 0212 924 70 98

TEL 2: (+90) 0552 755 47 88

E-mail: ​

Company No: 269720 –5 

Tax Number ID: 6321080387

Contact Us

Address: 19, Waters Edge Business Park, Modwen Road, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 3EZ,  United Kingdom

Main Reception: 

Tel: +44 161 513 1359  


Student Enquiries: 

Tel: +44 161 513 1355


Notting Hill College is registered in England and Wales as Notting Hill College LTD No. 5042086. Notting Hill College UKRLP: 10028428 

WhatsApp us from 9:00am to 4:30pm (GMT)

+44 161 513 1352

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