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English Programme

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Notting Hill College Summer Camp 2020

Enjoy a rewarding experience this summer in Manchester!

Notting Hill College offers a remarkable summer programme for Juniors. During the summer camp, children explore British culture, develop their character and improve their English. The progamme is packed with; social events, cultural programme, sports, character development and life skills workshops, project work, English language training and linguistic development.

English and activity summer camp for students aged 8-17 years old.

There is no better way to learn English than by submersing yourself in the culture. That is why Notting Hill College are proud to announce our summer camp programme for juniors.

Day-to-Day Schedule


Course Aim

This programme aims to combine first-rate classroom teaching with an abundance of exciting activities to entertain young people while they learn. Activities include of swimming, tours, climbing walls, zorbing, bowling, trampolining and many more activities in the Manchester area.


Our teachers focus their lessons around the ‘Immersive Theory’ which means students develop their second language by living and interacting In an English speaking community. We believe this gives students an experience which is close to replicating the learning of their first language and enhances overall language development.


Each day in the camp is abundant by various types of activities. The day begins with English lessons which include functional skills, drama and interesting topics to immerse students in the English culture. Then in the afternoon students are taken to out-door activity, excursions, or artistic activity. At all times student are escorted by an assigned tutor.


Notting Hill College Summer Camp takes place in the heart of Manchester where students gain excellent first-hand experience in using English in a variety of new and exciting scenarios.


Students will be staying in a two-star hotel a walking distance from the college. This beautiful modern building has free Wifi in all the bedrooms and is located just 15 minutes (walking) from the college.

English Classes

Each morning the students undertake General English lessons at the college. These lessons focused on functional skills, conversational English which overall aims at developing learners individual linguistic skills, and highlights fluency.

Nature of English in Notting Hilll College Summer Camp

The summer camp focuses on learners need and helps in improving their skills, boosts their confidence and independence. Each lesson integrates activities which enhance all four language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Special attention is also given to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Our classes are highly communicative and dynamic with sole focus on the learners needs. All of this combined create a fun, social, interactive environment in which students can thrive.

Language-Based Activities

The final part of each morning includes practical extracurricular activities related to language learning. During this part, students combine language skills with drama lessons, photography and other areas that aims to develop their personal skills. This helps them to refine what they have been learning in class and boost their confidence in using the language.

Notting Hill College are proud to support foreign students improve and develop their English Language skills in the UK as well as offer online courses. Take a look at our wide range of competitively priced courses and English lessons in Manchester.

Out-Door Activities

Afternoons are filled with a range of activities at various venues throughout the Manchester area. These include

  • Swimming

  • Skiing

  • Football

  • Stadium Tours

  • Media City

  • Climbing Walls

  • Trampolining

  • Museums

  • ‘Lockin’ Escape Games

  • Shopping

  • Arcades

  • Zorbing

  • Bowling

  • Go-Karting