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A Free Virtual Professional Development Event

18th February 2023

More information coming soon.

About Innovation in Education Conference

The Conference aims to explore the latest trends in education and training. Notting Hill College -UK seeks to address the student’s needs globally. We are delighted to announce the theme of the conference this year … “Learning for the Future …Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-visioning.” 

The theme is inspired by the current challenges facing the Education sector across the globe. For this, we aspire to comprehensively tackle the topics and explore the issues related to this most appropriate theme. 

The pivotal topics covered in the conference will be curriculum development, mentoring and coaching, 21st Century skills, education technology, student assessment and institutional leadership and management.

The conference also aims to provide professional development and networking opportunities for educators. The Innovation in Education Conference also seeks to actively engage the ELT community in fruitful discussions to tackle the challenges they currently face. While navigating the challenges faced and exchanging experiences and ideas, the conference aspires to provide suggested solutions and best practices in applying cross curriculum teaching to primary students.

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Topics will include:

  • Instructional methods

  • Special educational needs 

  • Transformation in the classroom 

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • Education Leadership

  • Curriculum design

  • Mentoring and coaching  

  • Education technology

  • 21st Century Learning 

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