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Diploma in

Educational Psychology 

Where teachers explore how their students' minds develop


Teaching and working with children requires a wide range of teaching skills that suit different personalities and mental abilities. The Diploma in Educational Psychology has been designed to cover all aspects of delivering effective lessons, asssessing individual students and their needs with a special focus on the psychological development of young learners. 


You'll study key development theories related to the learning process and using practical classroom examples, you'll develop the know-how to ensure each child is set up on the right path for success.   



By the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Discuss trends in student development 

  • Explain the terms of educational learning theories

  • Identify key cognitive, social and moral development theories

  • Describe the process of learning and the types of motivation 

  • Illustrate the different learning & development theories

  • Differentiate between behaviourism and constructivism as the two main learning theories

  • Name renowned philosophers, psychologists & researchers associated with educational learning theories.

  • Describe the gender differences & the impact of the physical, social, academic and cognitive factors.

  • Identify how cultural differences affect a student’s educational experience

Who is this course for?

This course is excellent for teachers, trainers and parents who are interested in gaining sufficient knowledge about children's psychological and mental development.


The NHC Diploma in Educational Psychology has 3 modules: Understanding the Learning Process:

  • Introduction to the Learning Process
  • Behaviourism Theories
  • Constructivism Theories
Understanding Student Development:​
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social Development
  • .Moral Development
Understanding Student Diversity:​
  • Gender Differences
  • Cultural Differences

Delivery and Duration

The total qualification time is 75 hours of study. ​ This course is available through Distance learning, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Campus. Distance Learning For the self-guided, busy individual who wants full control over their learning. With this mode you will be given 24/7 access to the Learning Management System where you will find all course information and resources, Then you can study and submit assignments at your own pace. You will still have access to a tutor should you have any questions. Hybrid Learning With this mode of learning, you will receive all the benefits of Distance Learning plus up to twelve hours of one-to-one support with an expert tutor who will guide you through the course. The schedule is flexible and will be determined between yourself and our admission team in the UK upon enrolment. Virtual Campus On the Virtual Campus, you’ll meet weekly with like-minded students from all over the world to engage in close-nit discussions of key subjects and discuss real workplace experiences. This is a great opportunity to network with other professionals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. You’ll still get all the benefits of a Distance Learning student. To view our up to date schedule please click here.


3 written essays which are submitted online through the learning management system.

Why choose the NHC Diploma in Educational Psychology?

We are an accredited British institute that aims to provide the best learning experience and opportunities to grow as a teacher. Enrolling with NHC means;

  • You'll achieve a British accredited certificate that is valuable worldwide
  • Choosing your own flexible learning schedule
  • Saving money with affordable payment plans
  • Getting access to hours of additional resources to facilitate the learning process
  • Choosing a mode of study that best suits your needs and learning style
  • The chance to keep up to date with the latest trends in Teacher Training
  • Access to expert British teachers
  • Access to recordings of live sessions if you're studying Virtual Campus, so you never miss a lesson
  • Lifetime verification services for your certificate
  • Excellent support and communication services
You'll be joining thousands of teachers worldwide who have qualified from one of our courses!


To apply for this course, you need to have:

  • Level 3 or 4 equivalent to (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Teaching experience is not needed
  • Significant to teaching kids & teenagers
  • Competence in English

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