Become an Official Recruitment Center 

Secure your business and build new opportunities

Our world is facing a new reality, which presents new variables and rules that threaten the sustainability of some educational organizations.However, at Notting Hill College UK, we believe in turning challenges and crisis into fruitful opportunities.

We are pleased to announce, to our prospective partners worldwide, a chance to become an official recruitment center. You will have the chance to promote Notting Hill College programmes in your regions and deliver British qualifications to your students, wherever they are.

Advantages of becoming an official recruitment for Notting Hill College

1) No administration fees:

Becoming an official recruitment center for Notting Hill College, will not cost you any fees. .

All that is required is some administrative documents and a signed contract. Then you’ll be able to increase your monthly income, as you receive commission for every student you enroll in our programmes.

2) Promotion 

Beside promoting Notting Hill College programmes in your territory, we will also feature you on our website.This will brosden your global presence and you will be seen by potential students and businesses from all over the world.

3) Full support 

We will stand beside you, as our marketing and sales teams will assist you by providing all the key factors required to promote the suitable and affordable learning programmes with your community.

We will offer your team free trainings for the selected programmes and also marketing content, to spread our educational programmes to grow your business and double your profits.


4) Experience

Being an official recruitment center for Notting Hill College UK will drive your business forward and allow you to experience new markets and perspectives. In addition, it will help you discover new income sources and increase your organizations productivity. You wont need to keep relying on the only path you know to reach new successful destinations.


Take a step forward and be a part of the Notting Hill College family 

to secure and grow your business.


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