School of Business

A Modern Philosophy for Business Education

Your career success is our mission

School of Business mission is to promote real world experience in Business fields of study; provide valuable skills that enhance your future business careers in an increasingly globalised market place. To fulfil our mission, we have adopted a set of principles to ensure that our programmes:

  • increase your self-confidence and personal effectiveness.

  • provide you with a deep understanding of what is required to make your organisation successful.

  • equip you to identify and implement the changes required to ensure your organisation achieves success or remains successful within a rapidly changing business environment.


A Vision for Quality 

NHC School of Business vision is to create a multicultural learning community where learners have the chance to develop their full potential in an environment of the highest standards of academic excellence, technological advancement, innovative responsive training and economic development.

We continually support our learners to acquire and to expand their knowledge, skills, ability to analyse critically, synthesise efficiently, to listen carefully and to communicate effectively.

We always seek academic excellence for executive education and lifelong learning in an accessible format to serve various inhabitants, based on our partnership with Notting Hill College – UK. We attempt to simultaneous advance global lifelong learning to build a skilled Egyptian workforce and educated personnel.

We strive to be leaders in anticipating and responding to diverse individual, community and Egyptian needs for accessible lifelong educational opportunities. We intend to collaborate with others to create high quality, innovative, student-centred learning experience enriched by our shared values.

Our success is defined by the dreams we help shape, the opportunities we help design, and the futures we help create.


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NHC School of Business – Core Values 

  • The School strives to meet national and global needs for new and developing jobs.

  • The School develops a climate of professionalism, integrity, mutual respect, and responsibility.

  • The School is a venue for excellence in education and a model of accessibility.

  • The School empowers people of all socio-economic levels to pursue their goals by offering affordable educational services.

  • The School systematically assesses its programmes and services to ensure it is delivering up to date executive education.

  • The School incorporates the most recent technology as a method of enhancing instruction, expanding the availability of education, expediting employee tasks, and improving the local community.